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Chillies, Herbs & Apples

Scottish Fresh Chillies

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Grown and nurtured from seed

In Scotland chilli growing is an annual cycle which starts in February with seed planting. We source our chilli seeds from reputable UK suppliers.

  • Chillies in propagator 1
  • Chillies in propagator 2
  • Chillies in propagator 3
  • Potting up
  • Chillies in small heated polytunnel
  • Chillies in large polytunnel A
  • Chillies in large polytunnel B
  • Chillies on plant A
  • Chillies on plant B
  • Ripe chillies on plant
  • Harvested Palivec Chillies
  • Harvested Jalapeno Chillies
  • Harvested Ohnivec Chillies
  • Harvested Chillies

In early April the young seedlings are transferred from their heated propagator and "potted up". They then go into a small heated polytunnel with a minimum temperature of 15ºC. In early May the young plants are about 8" high and are ready to be transplanted into the larger unheated polytunnels. Fruits begin to appear in June and harvesting starts in late July continuing right through to early December if it’s not too cold. The plants are then composted and the whole process starts again.

We grow a variety of chillies including; Ohnivec (Czech for for "the fiery one"), Jalapeño, Chinese Dragon Tongue and Red Basque.

Our chillies are the star ingredient in these tasty hand-made preserves... (and fresh chillies are sold in season)

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